how to stop ringing in ears

How to Stop Ears from Ringing using Natural and Holistic Medicine

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How to stop ears from ringing can be frustrating and annoying and can seriously diminish a person’s hearing. Chronic ringing in the ears is classified as tinnitus, which often develops after exposure to loud noise, injury or infection.

This condition has no cure; however, there are some natural and holistic treatments that can help how to stop ears from ringing, as well as home remedies that can alleviate its affect, making it easier to hear.

How to Stop Ears from Ringing by Taking Natural Supplements

Ginkgo biloba will work by helping to increase the blood flow to the brain, head and neck.

It will also work to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels, which will promote better circulation to the capillaries feeding the nerves that surround the ears.

Taking ginkgo biloba isn’t a quick fix for how to stop ears from ringing and it can take time to relieve the problem.

It’s ideal to use ginkgo biloba in addition to other remedies designed to treat inner ear problems.

how to stop ringing in ears

Studies were conducted in order to ascertain the effects of coenzyme Q10 on patients who suffered chronic ringing in the ears.

Researchers reporting that coenzyme Q10 can be helpful for certain people when it came to reducing noises in the ears caused by tinnitus, depending on the nature of their condition.

Researchers felt that the supplement was able to generate energy in the body’s blood vessels, working to promote better circulation and helping to prevent strokes and heart attacks as well as tinnitus by increasing the body’s overall blood flow.

Caffeine is able to reduce the flow of blood to the ears, neck and head by constricting capillaries on other small blood vessels. This in turn will aggravate the symptoms associated with tinnitus.

High sodium intake can raise blood pressure and cause both hypertension and tinnitus.


If you’re susceptible to the effects of salt, try reducing your intake. This is an important step in helping to lower blood pressure and reduce the intensity of ringing in the ears.

You should avoid prolonged exposure to loud music and other noises in order to protect your ears. Loud noise will cause additional damage to the ears and can be extremely painful for individuals with existing inner ear problems.

Minimizing the Sound of Tinnitus

Using a white noise generator or turning a fan on while sleeping will help to mask the sound of ringing in the ears, providing relief for some people. These gentle noises can create a distraction, which will reduce the noise of tinnitus.

Many people who suffer from tinnitus can experience hearing loss due to excessive wax buildup.

Should you experience hearing loss you should make an appointment with an audiologist to have your ears checked and assessed before taking more aggressive measures.

When the earwax is removed some hearing can be regained, reducing or eliminating sound from the tinnitus.

To reduce the sound of ringing in your ears, place the palms of your hands over your ears with your fingers gently resting on the back of your head.

The middle fingers should be pointed toward one another, slightly above the base of the skull. Place the index fingers on top of the middle fingers, snapping them onto your skull, creating a drumming noise.

Repeat this forty to fifty times.

Some people have experienced immediate relief with this trick. You can repeat this technique several times a day, for as long as necessary to help reduce the ringing in your ears.


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