pulsatile tinnitus

Lipoflavinoids Can Work to Manage Tinnitus

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Lipoflavinoids have been a popular alternative treatment for tinnitus.

Tinnitus is the term used to describe a condition that involves chronic ringing in the ears, without any external source to cause it.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the underlying cause of tinnitus and often it can be difficult to treat.

There is currently no cure for this condition but there are steps you can take to make this condition more manageable.

What Lipoflavinoids are designed to do

Lipoflavinoids used for tinnitus treatment is not a cure, but it can help to diminish the ringing in the ears.

This is an over the counter supplement that’s composed of different vitamins and minerals that make them effective for reducing the symptoms associated with tinnitus.

This supplement contains panthothenic acid for metabolism of nutrients, riboflavin for health maintenance, niacin for repairing damaged DNA, vitamin C for boosting the immune system, vitamin B12 for blood formation and vitamin B6 for normal body functions.

Lipoflavinoid supplements are thought to be effective in treating tinnitus because it’s believed that they block the histamine production in the ears.

Some studies have shown there to be a connection between inner ear disturbance and histamine production.

Additionally, this supplement is thought to help relieve symptoms associated with tinnitus because they contain ingredients that can help to improve the circulation in the inner ear.

When the circulation has been improved the tiny hair cells in the inner ear will become more flexible, which in turn will allow for them to transmit the sound waves more effectively.


pulsatile tinnitus

Bioflavinoids are found in a number of plants and are abundant in citrus fruits.

Bioflavinoids are part of a plant’s normal biochemistry and they offer a number of benefits such as protection against UV irradiation, increased energy and overall health.

Lipoflavanoid is a brand of bioflavinoids that also contains added vitamins and minerals, all of which are meant to target tinnitus symptoms and ear health.

If you have tinnitus, before you begin taking this supplement be sure that you speak with your physician before you add any type of over the counter medication to your daily regimen, especially if you’re breast feeding or pregnant.

The side effects you can experience with this supplement are common to many multivitamins and include the possibility of stomach upset, diarrhea, constipation or loss of appetite.

Can B Vitamins Cure Tinnitus?

The vitamin B complex in this supplement doesn’t play much of a role in the treatment of tinnitus.

However, there are benefits that you can experience from taking B vitamins and pro biotics daily, such as hair, skin and nail health, increased energy and improved immunity.

You can also experience improvement in memory, concentration and balance.


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